Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me is Steffen Dam’s invitation to join him on a fantastisc two-stage journey.
In the first room in the exhibition we set off with the giant airship towards the moon and distant planets. We have landed in a childhood fantasy of flying to the stars. Or perhaps an abstract portrayal of the human urge to explore the world. It may remind us of Jules Verne’s fantastic scince-fiction-classics, Journey to the centre of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. We are invited to join a great adventure.

In the second room of the exhibition, Steffen Dam’s personal story is entwined with tales of scientists, inventors and people from history. Blown and cast glass objects are combined with technical drawings, maps and mechanical devises. Facts and fiction go side by side in works that awake feelings of wonder. Steffen Dam’s artistic universe pivots precisely on bringing us into a state of wonder.